Burke Basketball offers a variety of programs for all age and skill levels, including instructional leagues, Select / County basketball teams , youth and adult leagues.

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Boys Grade 3/4 Advanced League



If your son wants to try a higher level of competition we are again offering the “House Boys Grades 3-4 Advanced League” in the fall/winter season. This House league will allow the boys in these grades only, who have potential to play at a higher level of competition, begin the path toward Select play.

The tryouts for this league will be held before the regular house evaluations. We prefer that your son attend all tryouts for best exposure, but only one tryout is required for placement.

If your son wants to try out for this league, please register him as a HOUSE player, but add a comment to his registration that he is interested in trying out for the Advanced league. Once registration for the 2020/21 season has opened, go through our current website, type http://www.burkebasketball.org directly on your web browser line. The on time registration date is usually in mid october; after this date, your player will be placed on the Waiting List, with no guarantee of placement on any House team.

In the past, the Advanced League was composed of 6 teams of 8 players each, to be formed based on the tryouts and a subsequent draft. Players will be notified whether they are selected for this league by the coaching staffs of their respective teams or the League Director.

Since 4th graders are the youngest age group for which we hold House Skills Evaluations and a league draft, if your player is not selected for the Advanced League, and he is in 4th grade, he must attend the House Skills Evaluation to be placed appropriately on a regular House grade 4 team. For 3rd graders who are not selected for an Advanced team, they will automatically be placed on a team in the House grade 3 league based on their school and/or possible player requests included in their player registration.

Practices for this Advanced League will begin in mid November and run through February. Practices for the regular House league will begin mid-Nov. (based on the County’s winter allocations of public school gyms). Practices will be held once per week, for one hour, but the Advanced League teams will have the whole gym, whereas the regular House teams share the gym with another team.



We will have open gyms prior to tryouts. Dates will be announced