Burke Basketball offers a variety of programs for all age and skill levels, including instructional leagues, Select / County basketball teams , youth and adult leagues.

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Burke Basketball Winter House 2021/2022 Evaluation Schedule

Your league directors will be passing specific instructions/guidance soon

on what times to show up and what to bring

BOYS Evaluations

Boys 2 (B2) – No evaluations

Boys 3 (B3) - Can try out for ADV 3/4 league. House league 3rd graders do not have evaluations.

ADV 3/4 - Tryout #1 Oak View Elementary School, Thursday, October 28th

               - Tryout #2, Burke School, Friday, October 29th

              NOTE: Must attend one ADV 3/4 tryout to be considered, includes coaches kids!

    Call Times for both evenings:

     A-F: - 6:30 PM

     G-M - 7:00 PM

     N-R - 7:30 PM

     S-Z -  8:00 PM

Boys 4 (B4) – For those that don't make the ADV 3/4 league, House 4th grade evaluations will be at Irving Middle School, Gym 2 (with bleachers), Tuesday, November 9th

Boys 5 (B5) – Irving Middle School, Gym 2 (with bleachers), Thursday, November 4th

    Call Times:

     A-G: - 6:00 PM

     H-R - 6:40 PM

     S-Z -  7:20 PM

Boys 6 (B6) – Oak View Elementary School, Thursday, November 4th

     Call times scheduled via email with league director

Boys 7 (B7) – Oak View Elementary School, Wednesday, November 3rd

Boys 8 (B8) – Irving Middle School, Gym 2 (with bleachers), Thursday, October 28th

JV – Monday November 22, irving Middle School - Gym 1 (with no bleachers)

VAR – Monday November 22, Irving Middle School - Gym 2 (with bleachers)


Girls 2/3 (2/3) – No evaluations

Girls 4 (G4) – Halley ES, Monday, November 8th

Girls 5/6 (G5/6) – Irving Middle School, Gym 1 (no bleachers), Thursday, November 4th

Girls 7/8 (G7/8) – Oak View Elementary School, Tuesday, November 9th

GHS – No evaluations, only one team