Burke Basketball offers a variety of programs for all age and skill levels, including instructional leagues, Select / County basketball teams , youth and adult leagues.

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Burke Basketball Spring House League

The Spring league is meant to be fun and allow players to play with their friends.  No standings are kept and there are no playoffs.
Unlike the Winter season, there are no evaluations and no draft, therefore the Spring and Summer seasons offer the opportunity to request to play with your friends and/or a favorite coach!


Season dates:  End of March - end of June. No games Memorial Day weekend, no games spring break.

There will be an 8 game season, in general there will be one game per week.  Most all games are played on the weekends, Saturday or Sunday, there maybe an occasional weeknight game.

Grades 2-3:
Will have one practice per week on a weeknight and one game per week on the weekend. Due to gym space and the timing of spring break, some leagues may have weekday games.

Boys and Girls Grades 4-12:
We will have separate boys and girls leagues.  Some grades may be combined depending on the number of registrants per league.
Due to limited gym space, Burke Basketball will try to provide one practice slot prior to the start of the season.  Once the season starts we cannot offer gym space for practices. For this reason, we recommend that players in grades 4-12 participate only if they have played basketball with us or another league previously. 

Team formation:
In general teams are formed by player request. The league director for each league may decide to have an evaluation in order to form more balanced teams.  If a player has not requested to play with friends, we will try to place players with other players from their school or neighborhood.
Players may request to play with a specific coach or with friends or both.  We will try our best to accommodate requests. We can  not guarantee you will be placed with the players and or coach you request. Players who register late are not guaranteed to be placed on a team or with those they have requested to play with.

Coach / Team Scheduling requests:
Coaches may request certain days or times for their games in order to avoid conflicts and get the most kids at the games. We cannot promise to honor all requests, but we will do our best.

Individual Requests:
We cannot accommodate scheduling requests for individual players.

Travel and CYO teams are welcome to join, but we strongly recommend that these teams play up a league.  Burke Basketball reserves the right to move teams up for league balance.
HS JV/Varsity players, as well as travel/AAU players, are welcome, but please consider playing up.

If you have any questions please contact:
Boys 2-12 grade - Sean Thomas 

Girls 2-12: Peter Darke