Burke Basketball offers a variety of programs for all age and skill levels, including instructional leagues, Select / County basketball teams , youth and adult leagues.

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Rules Enforcement Policy

In the past, the Burke Basketball organization has noted an increase in the lack of decorum and respect for our rules,  in some of our players and families/spectators.  We will be enforcing our Rules Policy and request all players and families review the Burke Basketball code of conduct and existing rules as stated on our web site.  

Key elements we are concerned with are:

Profanity of any kind will not be tolerated and will be treated as a spectator or player foul.  All fouls will go against the offending bench.  Coaches are reminded to enforce all Burke Basketball rules and help in enforcing this policy.  
Jewelry of any kind will not be worn by players during any Burke Basketball sanctioned game.  This includes necklaces and earrings.  If you are to have your ear pierced before or during the season, it is advised to hold off on this process until after the end of the season.  You will be required to remove the earring no matter what reason is given by the parent or player.  Tape over the earring is not a solution to this issue.   The only exception will be medical alert bracelets/necklaces.  Both types must be taped down so a hand/finger can not get hold of it.
Coaches will respect the decision of the referees and set a good example for the players and parents. A coach or parent WILL NOT approach a referee with the intent of arguing a call. In the case of a correctable error, a time out must be called prior to the next dead ball by either team. Parents and/or spectators will be subject to technical fouls if behavior warrants.
Further, it is the responsibility of coaches to control their players and parents and guests of the players. Referees will report all technical foul calls on coaches to the Chief Referee who will inform the appropriate League Director. Spectator fouls will be considered a bench foul.
Those who do not wish to abide by these rules are requested to enroll your basketball player in another sports organization.
Please take time to familiarize your player with our above rules policies and code of conduct.
We continue to strive to have a safe and friendly environment conducive for player development and fun for our community.
Thank you for taking the time to get familiar with our rules and policies.