Burke Basketball offers a variety of programs for all age and skill levels, including instructional leagues, Select / County basketball teams , youth and adult leagues.

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Instructional Program (Winter Only)

The Instructional  program is designed for boys and girls, ages five (5) through six (6) years old (or grades K-1).  Groups will be Co-ed.

This program focuses on providing a positive sports learning experience for our youngest members! Our objective is to teach beginning players the basic skills of basketball, to have fun, enjoy and respect the game, and hopefully enable them to practice and progress to higher levels. The players will be placed in Co-Ed groups of up to 40 children.   In the skill teaching sessions, the groups are broken down into smaller groups to teach individual core skills. 


Groups are formed in December, and registrants will receive emails notifying them of their assigned group and specific schedule times for their group.Generally, the groups will be formed with players from the same schools or with friends by special request through your registration.   


Please ensure you check your email to ensure that Burke Basketball league notification emails do not get misdirected/misfiled in spam folders.    


The groups meet for one hour sessions on a rotating basis, on Saturdays between the hours of 8am and 2pm in January and February at Fairview Elementary School at the intersection of Route 123 and Burke Center Parkway.  


The first 4 weeks emphasize core skills (shooting, dribbling, passing/catching), and the last 2 weeks incorporate those basic skills into game situations with actual mini-games. 


Each participant receives a Burke Basketball shirt and basketball.  

The 2023 instructional sessions start in January 2023.    The updated schedule will be posted in coming weeks.   Please note that the the group session times are different each week.    



If you have any questions please contact Jake at

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